SaaS Based Organizational Health App Case Study - App Maisters

SaaS based Organizational Health and
Safety Risk Management Solution


An Australian- based health and environmental risk management solution provider to SMEs that required integrated tools and resources to develop, implement & review management systems, training records, legal requirements in health and environmental safety. The client wanted a solution that would specifically manage risk and compliance at the workplace.


The application that was required needed to be easily scalable, user friendly, provided extensive reporting, and addressed the need for notifying and alerting authorities for organizational health and safety. We were required to build a cloud based platform to support SME organizations.

Challenges faced

One of the few challenges faced was creating a solution that provided detailed data analysis and workflow management for health and safety practice. Ensuring that the delivery of the interface to compliance officers and safety professional was easy and had an intuitive interface.


A key element was to integrate occupational health and safety responsibilities into business management. Our software team architected a SaaS solution by matching local health & safety compliance. Implementation and usage of the solution become quick and easy through various automated workflows, ensuring high degree of accuracy and transparency among the authorities.

Tools & Technology

  • Java
  • Hibernate
  • Apache Tomcat
  • MySQL


  • Cloud platform helped to resolve Health & Safety risks
  • Achieved better profitability by eliminating health & safety risks
  • Hassle free configuration of training modules as per the requirement
  • Easy workflow from training management & document management to audit compliance management & risk management.