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Artificial Heart Pump Controlling App

About the Client

Our client is a major Healthcare Device Manufacturer having team of experienced life science entrepreneurs, engineers, cardiologists, and heart failure specialists in the Houston area. They specialize in meeting the needs of heart failure patients through the development of a safe and innovative percutaneous mechanical circulatory support (pMCS) devices.

Project Objective

The objective was to develop UWP­ based Surface Tablet application that controls and works with a mechanical circulatory support device (Artificial Heart Pump) designed to treat heart failure patients who are too sick for medication alone.

Executive Summary

App Maisters developed a UWP­ based Windows Tablet application, primarily accessible via a Windows Surface Go 2 that send/receive data between the Cradle & Controller powered by BM71 BLE Module. This app enables secure pairing and data transfer from Cradle ­to­ Controller over a Wired and Bluetooth BLE channel.

Main Features of the App

  • RSA Signature and Timestamp for every Cradle­to­Controller command
  • Dynamic RSA Key Exchange to permit Controller/Cradle exchange and Authentication
  • Perform Bluetooth pairing without need for user input (transparently)
  • Perform Bluetooth pairing using a secure protocol (e.g., Passkey Method)
  • Receive data packets to parse then display Controller data on GUI
  • Transmit RSA­signed command packets to Controller to turn the Pump on/off,
  • change speeds, and shutdown the Controller
  • Wired Communication takes Priority over wireless
  • Transmit JSON data structure to Influx cloud database via secured HTTPS
  • connection
  • Controller data packets are saved to a text file locally on the Cradle as a backup
  • Local windows surface locally store data in the tablet
  • Separate groups of functions into separate threads. Moving lower priority
  • activities (Wi­Fi/logging) to other threads so they do not impact main thread
  • (pump status/control).
  • And Several Other Supported Features


  • Universal windows platform
  • C#
  • AWS Cloud
  • SQL Lite
  • IOT Enabled App

Hardware Device Integrated

  • Artificial Pump
  • Delivery Systems
  • Introducer Set
  • Control System
  • Retrieval System
  • Bluetooth and Wifi Module