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Hawaii Revealed


The state’s favorable climate, tropical landscape, beaches, and culture makes Hawaii among the U.S’s most visited states. On an average daily 50 thousand plus people visit Hawaii Island. This application provides visitors a comprehensive audio tour while travelling across islands of Hawaii.

Project Objective

The purpose was to build a platform that allows users to easily locate Resorts, Restaurants, Beaches, Sights and to provide Real-time Weather & Safety Updates.

Project Solution

The app has the feature of an interactive map where users can read unbiased reviews of resorts, restaurants, sights, beaches and more. Users would also be able to explore local gems, gorgeous waterfalls, culinary adventures and more. Users can interact with offline maps of the islands.

There are 4 Main Island:

  • Kauai Island
  • Maui Island
  • Big Island
  • Oahu Island


Tools & Technologies.

  • Node Js
  • My SQL
  • Apache Server
  • Firebase
  • FCM
  • Amazon SNS
  • AWS EC2
  • AWS Elastic Load Balancer
  • Xcode, Swift
  • Java, Android Studio


  • Provide platform for users to find places conveniently
  • comprehensive support services in ongoing IT support solutions
  • Improved usability and effectiveness of overall customer service