Canine Case Study - App Maisters

Canine Application – MS Surface App for Government Officers to track their behavior


App Maisters was approached by a US contractor to develop a Microsoft Surface application that allows one of their department evaluation officers responsible for recording Canine behavior to be able cut down the time and manual paperwork that they have to spend on recording and reporting of this information to their stakeholders.


The objective was to develop an application that allows the evaluation officer to record and track Canine behavior by capturing the data of each Canine interaction with discrete presentations of specific odors. This process often require a lot of paper work and that becomes a daunting task to manage. The primary objective was to provide a way to collect behavior from these dogs and provide an easy way to quickly access and summarize this large amount of data for them to make informed decision. In addition, it was supposed to also maintain a database of Canine test results for auditing purposes and to record the video of all evaluation for later reporting.

App Solution

The solution was designed using Microsoft Surface. Once a new project is entered into the app, the touch interface of the application provided the evaluation officer to enter Canine responses and non-responses quickly in the given Matrix with priority of examined, good and bad responses. As soon as the evaluation of the first Canine is completed, a fresh matrix template was available for the evaluation officer to start a new evaluation with the next canine and it keeps repeating until all Canines evaluations have been completed and recorded by the officer. Evaluation officer was also able to generate and view the reports of each and every canine/handler with all odors, targets and non-targets. Moreover, he was also able to download the reports and send it via email. In addition, the data and recording was also available in a centralized repository to further do some data analysis and provide historical reporting.

Tools & Technology

  • Supported on both SQL Server and MS Access
  • Universal windows platform
  • SQLite for Offline
  • .Net


  • Client was completely satisfied with the app.
  • Complete Digitization of a manual paper intensive process.
  • Provide accurate documentation and evaluation of Canines
  • Historical data available for auditing and reporting purpose.