Blockchain Development Solutions

Blockchain Development Solutions

One of the most exciting technologies to develop in the last few years is blockchain technology. Our expert blockchain developers and consultants at App Maisters can help leverage this fantastic new technology for your business, often in creative ways that can truly set you apart from your digitally-bereft competitors.

About Blockchain Technology

The blockchain (or simply “blockchain”) refers to a type of digital distributed ledger that keeps track of whatever information or transactions you want. This digital ledger, once created, can keep information in a permanent form.

Blockchain technology was originally developed to support the creation of cryptocurrency, the first of which was Bitcoin. Another type of popular cryptocurrency is Ethereum.

Cryptocurrency utilizes the blockchain to keep track of transactions, which cuts down on the middleman (such as a bank) that used to be in the way of the transfer of money.

Blockchain technology works great for digital currency, but that is just the beginning. The blockchain has many other potential applications, including:

  • Asset management
  • Insurance claims processing
  • International payments
  • Smart property
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Supply chain management
  • Smart contracts
  • Healthcare (patient records)
  • Music
  • Government
  • And more!

As you can see, blockchain development is already leading to tremendous technology transformation in a variety of industries, governments, and academic institutions. Your business can potentially take advantage of this emerging technology to create profound digital transformation at all levels of the organization.

Blockchain Development Services

Our blockchain consulting services are comprehensive and based on a holistic viewpoint. Whether you need Hyperledger development or are looking to utilize Ethereum for an application, we can help. Our team of blockchain experts assesses your technology needs and infrastructure to help best integrate the blockchain into your business.

Blockchain Strategy

Not sure how your business can best utilize the blockchain, but you want to get on board? Our blockchain technology experts can help review your organizational objectives and come up with smart, doable digital strategies and real-world use cases that can positively impact your business. We can also help with blockchain deployment strategy.


Blockchain Solution Design

Once you have determined your blockchain strategy, it is time to put the wheels in motion and start designing the right custom blockchain solution for your business. The blockchain development team at App Maisters excels at devising holistic approaches to solution design that takes into account the needs of the people involved, the processes that need to be implemented, and the technology ecosystem that is already in place.

Blockchain Development and Implementation

Our blockchain developers are well-versed in the latest software tools to create the right app for your business. We have Hyperledger developers that can utilize this powerful open source approach to the blockchain. We have Ethereum developers that are experts in this scalable and flexible cryptocurrency.

We can help with third party application integration, proprietary software, and blockchain security.


Blockchain Sandboxes and Prototyping

Blockchain technologies can be extremely powerful when it comes to sandboxes and prototypes. Using the blockchain, our software developers can create rapid development environments that leverage the blockchain to save on development costs and offer fast proofs of concept.

Blockchain Workshops

Does your team need to learn more about the blockchain? Our expert blockchain developers and consultants can come to your office to provide workshops and “blockchain bootcamps” and get your team up to speed. These hands-on workshops can also foster technology leadership and provide advanced training for your IT team.


Looking for a Blockchain Developer?

For expert blockchain development, look no further than App Maisters. Contact us today to learn how we can help you solve your business problems with blockchain technology.


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