Big Data and Analytics

The future of data is big data, and App Maisters can help your company best utilize its
information to make informed and smart business decisions.

How Big Data and Analytics Can Transform Your Business

Big data development is critical for today’s forward thinking business leaders. Without a smart data strategy, your company can be left in the dust as it tries to strategize and make decisions in the virtual dark. Don’t let your business fall behind. You need to hire a quality big data consultant to help you best manage and cultivate your data in order to be competitive for 2020 and beyond.

Our day to day activity involves moving petabyte scale data, we help companies define their big data strategy. We feed big data to large scale machine learning systems to paint meaningful picture of an organizations data. As big data experts, we offer top-notch consultants versed in the latest technologies and tools.

Big Data Consulting Services

Our high quality big data consulting services include:


Expert Data Warehouse Design and Setup

Your data warehouse is the virtual place where your critical business data will be stored and processed. If you think you can get by on your old data warehouse for big data, think again. Traditional data warehouses are not capable of handling the exceptional high volume and frequency of today’s big data.

App Maisters can help set up the right data warehouse system for your business. If you have a legacy system that needs to be updated and/or replace, we can help with that too.

We understand how to set up a modern, versatile, and robust data warehouse system that can grow with the needs of your company.

Data Lake Implementation

A data lake is a storage repository designed to “store everything.” The benefits of having a data lake include simplification of data acquisition of all types. It can also provide a basic foundation for your data analytics efforts and help fuel your data warehouse.

The right type of data lake can scale easily and handle large amounts of diverse data in various file formats.

It can also be used as a sandbox for developing new analytical tools and Business Intelligence initiatives.


Advanced Analytics Adoption

Big data won’t mean anything if it is not analyzed properly. In order to do that, you need the right systems in place. This includes not just people processes but technical processes. With our expertise in AI and advanced machine learning, we can help create advanced analytics systems that can manage all of the high-volume data that needs to be processed and analyzed.

With the right analytics, your managers and executives can make better decisions and plans, thus enabling your business to profit more and remain competitive.

Big Data Application Deployment and Expert Technical Support

Whether you need on-site application deployment or a worldwide cloud implementation for your big data systems, App Maisters can handle it. We are dedicated to providing you the best in big data consulting and technical expertise available.


Our Big Data Technology Expertise

App Maisters is dedicated to ensuring that our clients acquire new opportunities by improving customer service, operational efficiency, and strategic planning through the best use of big data.

As an enterprise Business Intelligence solution providers, we work to satisfy the reporting and analysis needs of our clients.

Whether you need a big data developer, MongoDB developer, Tableau developer, Apache Cassandra developer, CouchDB developer, HBase developer, or Redis developer, App Maisters can help. Our highly versatile team of technology experts even includes Riak developers.

Our technical expertise includes (but is not limited to) the following tools and platforms:

If you run on a system that you don’t see here, contact us because we likely have come across it and can still help.

We won’t just sell you on a one-size-fits-all solution we market to everyone in the same way. Instead, we develop custom solutions based on your future needs and current technology setup. In this way, you can be assured that the big data solution you get is one designed for your unique business needs.

App Maisters: Big Data and Analytics


App Maisters has the big data expertise to help. With our top-notch, world class consultants, we understand analytics and how it can make or break a business. Our big data developers have experience and expertise in a variety of tools and systems, from Hadoop to Microsoft Power BI.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your business with big data and analytics.

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